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Project Detailsx

Client:Stanbic Bank
Year Completed:2014



Project Overviewx

The project comprised replacement of entire main power panels, all switchgear, vertical spine bus –bar, runs and all main cable feeds from main panel to each floor for all the 10 floors and 2 basements.

Services offered:
• Critical programming as all works had to be done over the weekend as it necessitated a power shutdown and KPLC disconnection from the transformer.
• Provision of temporary power to critical installations in the building such as the data center, ATMs, PABX and security room etc.
• Removal of old main power panel
• Stripping the building off the entire rising mains and all mains cable feeds
• Installation of new main power panel ,rising mains and sub mains cables
• Reconnection of all services, testing of commissioning.